Friday, July 3, 2009

Wandering among the Head Stones

I love to wander old cemeteries and that love is the start of this blog. I have visited some of the oldest cemeteries in Boston, I have been to Arlington Cemetery, I have searched cemeteries for great grand parents and today I found a cemetery right here in Rosenberg, Texas. Beautiful and full of history. There is Texas history all around me as I walk among the stones. I was born in Texas. We left Texas after my mother came down with Polio during the epidemic. I have lived most of my life in Minnesota. I passed through Texas with first husband in the 1980's. I was lucky he stopped long enough for me to put my feet on Texas ground and off we went. I spent my 50Th birthday here, and ten years later here I am back in Texas but this time for at least a couple of years.
As I wandered this old cemetery all I saw was beauty. Each of these old tombstones tells a small story. Who were these people, what happened in their lives to bring them here. These are things we will probably never know. But I can at least post their tombstone and tell you their name. If there is anything else to their story maybe I will find it. But for now someone is thinking about them again right here in Rosenberg Texas.


  1. I hope to be able to visit some Boston cemeteries someday. My Dad photographed a couple for me, and I think they made me drool! :-)

  2. I agree. I am searching for my pictures of our trip there and to Arlington. Will let you know when I find them. Boston was my favorite. I have ancestors who lived and died there. Some where they are buried. I did not have time to try to find out where. Alot of gravestones are gone. They were stolen and used for hearths or sidewalks or so the story goes. thanks for stopping by