Friday, July 3, 2009

Richmond Cemetery and the McNabbs in Texas

I am not sure what there is about people who love to wander the cemetery and look at grave stones of people who are not their own family but I am one of them. I of course love finding my own family's gravestones, but they are scattered across the United States and Europe.
I found this wonderful old cemetery here in Texas thanks to my brother in law Larry. He loves history and old cemeteries like I do. Part of this wonderful old cemetery there are a great number of historical grave stones.
It was quiet and peaceful there. The sky was blue and it was hot - to hot to be there, but I still I wandered and took pictures for a bit.
I had posted awhile back about the top ten genealogy sites and was one of them.
This is a wonderful site where people just like me who love to wander cemeteries can post information and pictures about the gravestones of the famous and the non famous just for the historical or genealogy fact. I can sit here in my home and visit and see the grave stone of my great grandfather Adam Zion in Colorado and someone else can see the gravestones I am posting tonight and the next few evenings at that site.
Tonight I posted the tombstones of a family. I have not been able to find any information on them on the Internet yet but here is the information from their gravestones.
As you are facing the head stones on the left hand side is Johnnie McNabb who was born September 21 1902 and who died January 8 1944. My question is was Johnnie a female or a male? Did they name females Johnnie in 1902 after a father named John.
The middle tombstone is much larger and is that of Alexander D McNabb who was born May 4 1854 and who died February 20 1911. Printed also on his stone is "Women of the World Memorial. " Makes me wonder why this printed on a man's headstone. The tombstone on the right side of Alexander is Charlien Gloyd McNabb who was born September 27 1868 and died June 12 1929. This was probably his wife. I wonder if Gloyd a maiden name or middle name

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  1. Not sure if you've learned more about this family since you created this blog entry. Johnnie was the son of Alex D. McNabb and Charlien Gloyd, who was the only daughter of Carrie Amelia Moore. (more widely known as Carrie Nation)