Thursday, July 23, 2009

Memoriam of W K Texas Veteran and S Jane Davis

This is the gravesites of W K and his wife S Jane Davis of Richmond Texas. W K was born November 11 1822 and died August 2 1891 and a Texas Veteran . His wife S Jane was born September 4 1838 and died March 5 1885.

W K was born in Alabama and came to Texas February 4 1830. He helped to build the fort at the mouth of Brazos 1836 on Indian campaign around head of Brazos. He was in the Boskis campaign Spring 1842 the John Wallis campaign September 1842. Was wounded and taken prisoner December 25 1848. Mier by order of Santa Anna was made to draw beans. White was life and black was death. Every tenth man was shot. Worked chain gang to September 16 1844 when released by order of Santa Anna and given one dollar to go home 1500 miles.

These are beautiful gravestones and filled with thoughts from their family and the history written.

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