Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Morton Cemetery and the Hampil & Charlton Family

Morton Cemetery is so beautiful . I was there last week taking pictures and in the back ground heard a song that reminded me of my father. Not sure where music was coming from but there are homes a block away. So quiet and so peaceful there.

These are pictures of the Hampil family gravestones that I took. I found most of them on
Clarence C Hampil M D born 1867 died 1947 .
Clarence is husband of Cora and father of Ruby in the 1930 census has them in Texas. 1900 census has a daughter listed as Lilly age 1 not sure if this Teresa or not since she was born in 1898 and not listed on 1900 census

Cora Lee Hampil Born 1876 died 1949
Betty Lee Hampil born March 28 1896 died June 2 1986
1900 census has Betty Lee the daughter of Clarence and Cora and living with them.
Ruby Louise Hampil born 1900 died 1951
In the 1930 census has Ruby listed as a teacher and daughter of Clarence and Cora
Terese Hampil Charlton born October 15 1898 died November 18 1990 I found Terese Death certificate on and states she got her social security number in California before 1951

Joe B Charlton born 1898 died 1965

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