Monday, December 28, 2009

Graveyard Wanderings in Texas finds Virginia Pennington

I love to wander graveyards, quiet and beautiful.

Today I am featuring

Virginia wife of B E Pennington

born June 24 1864

died April 18 1892

Here tombstone is beautiful and can be found in the Wallis Cemetery

just outside of Wallis, Texas

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Christmas Verse For You

Christmas is creeping up on us. Time to spend time with our love ones and think of our family far away or who have past on. Many Christmas's have past for me. 61 one to be exact. Lots of wonderful memories and some not so great.
Times are good today. Money is tight, but we have our health ( cancer free 5 years ) ( sober 2 years 10 months and 20 days thank you Jesus) Hubby is well, children are doing pretty good. As in many cases money is tight for them too, but we have it so much better than a lot of folks around us. We are warm, have a place to sleep and food to feed our bellies. I want to take this time to be thankful for all I have and to pray for those still suffering with no place to sleep, hungry, out of work and what ever disease they are suffering from.
I want to thank all of you who visit me at my different blogs. You may not comment often but I do sense you there and hope that I give you some joy or a just a smile.
God bless you and have a wonderful Christmas and lets pray for peace and a prosperous year for all of us.
Today's vintage post card is a Christmas Verse .
Here's a Christmas Message packed with cordial good cheer
To friends, one and all, far and near, Of Peace on earth, good will I send
A loving message to you , dear friend

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday Caroline Benner of Wallis Texas

In this quiet little cemetery in Wallis Texas we find the Caroline Benner 1843 1927

This is a beautiful simple gravestone in this little country cemetery. I love the monogram and looks like maybe wheat next to it.
Rest in Peace Caroline.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday Remembering Karoline Kramer of Wallis Texas

For Tombstone Tuesday we are back at Wallis Cemetery in Wallis Texas. Small little cemetery in the middle of nothing but land and cows. It is so quiet and peaceful.

Today we are featuring and remembering

Karoline Kramer

Oct 15 1849

April 16 1916

This old gravestone is worn and the top part has cracked.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Remembering J D Witte in Wallis Texas died 1899

While walking through the Wallis Cemetery looking for graves for a request at I came across a gravestone laying on the ground.

At the top of the grave is a gate door open
Resting here is
J D Witte
March 26 1861
August 13 1899

this grave stone has broken off its pedastal and is just laying on the ground. With nothing by initials hard to identify who this person was.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Graveyard Rabbits Wanderings in Texas

I had a request to take pictures in a small cemetery in Wallis Texas. Promising hubby lunch after off, we drive to Wallis. This would only be about 26 miles away. Wallis is out in the country, nothing but land and cows and of course road construction. Finally before I knew it we came to a road called Cemetery Road. Over the rail road tracks, pass some yards with trailers and old tires and we soon come to a small country cemetery among the trees.

I had a request to find 17 graves, some were thought to maybe be in what would of been called the black section of the cemetery. Sadly I found none of these names. It is a small cemetery and after walking among the gravestones 4 times I knew they are not there. I contacted the requester and suggested searching for another cemetery in the area.

I was able to find the others.

They were at the back of the cemetery and all together. So with camera in hand I was able to full fill someone's wish. Even finding family they did not have names for.

So tonight we are remembering the Parr family. All buried near each other in this quiet country cemetery in Wallis Texas. And hoping some day to find the graves of another family and making more wishes coming true.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Remembering the Priester Family of Richmond Texas

Today I am featuring the Priester family of Richmond Texas. I do not know how they are related but are buried near each other.
Ruth J Priester
born Nov 11 1898
died Mar 24 1989

Leslie E Priester
born Aug 13 1897
died Sept 22 1960

They can be found in the Morton Cemetery in Richmond Texas

Near them are other family members previous mentioned.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Finding My Great Great Grandfather's Gravestone John Lockwood

It was so exciting to finally seeing the gravestone of one my own ancestors. I did not get to this cemetery myself, but because of www. I saw it for the first time.

This is my great great grandfather John Lockwood, my civil war soldier grandfather. I think of him often and wonder what he was like, how the war affected him. I know from reading his military records at the National Archives that it affected his health.
Rest in peace grandpa
John T Lockwood
born Feb 12 1840
died Feb 13 1911
John T Lockwood is buried in the Clinton City Cemetery, Big Stone County, Minnesota
I would think that his wife Betsey Eddington Lockwood is buried next to him but her gravestone was not posted on the Internet. I will be putting in a request for someone to take her picture at
Thanks for stopping by ... Grace

Friday, November 13, 2009

Albert and Mary Kochan Priester Resting in Peace in Texas

Resting in this beautiful cemetery is more of the Kochan family.

Today's post is featuring

Louis Arnold Priester

born Jan 26 1871

died Sept 19 1943


Mary Kochan Priester

died Oct 1 1873

born Jan 9 1936
Louis and Mary are resting in the Morton Cemetery in Richmond Texas

Monday, November 9, 2009

Resting In a Richmond Texas Cemetery more Kochan Family Members

Resting in this beautiful cemetery in Richmond Texas at the Morton Cemetery is more members of the Kochran family.

Today I am featuring Albert and Minnie Kochan
Albert Kochan
born July 27 1867 died June 21 1948

Minnie Priester Kochan born

Nov 21 1867 died March 18 1960

Family members will be able to find them in the near future at

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rest in Peace Kochan Family Richmond Texas

Today I am featuring the Kochan Family of Richmond Texas. They are buried in Richmond Texas at the Morton Cemetery.

Our Father
Fred Kochan
Born in Germany June 4 1829
Died Feb 24 1889
Our Mother
Minnie Kochan
Born Dec 5 1832
Died Oct 21 1908

Such a beautiful gravestone resting in this wonderful old cemetery

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday Almost

In God We Trust

As A Token of Esteem

By His Friends and Laborers

J W Cooke

died Dec 28 1875

28 years

buried in Episcopal Cemetery Galveston Texas

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday Galveston Texas Episcopal Cemetery Pollie Sedgwick

Today I am choosing to honor the memory of Pollie Sedgwick. This is a beautiful gravestone that her husband chose for this young lady who died way to young.
To The Memory of Pollie
Beloved Wife of William Sedgwick
Departed this life
Sept 15 1885
aged 21 years
Pollie is buried in the Episcopal Cemetery in Galveston Texas.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Mournful Monday In Galveston Texas with William Wright

Another visit to the city of Galveston and the Episcopal Cemetery. Today I am featuring

William Wright

Died August 6 1881

Aged 63 years

At this time I have not found anything else about William after searching on Next stop for William is and hopefully a family member will find him there.

My Introduction into the Graveyardrabbits Group

I finally made it into the headlines. Okay only the Internet headlines. Okay maybe in a blog for a group of graveyardrabbit. But we are a fine group. And I made it.

I was asked to write about myself over a month ago, but put it off till a couple of days ago. I find it hard to write about myself I guess.

If you are interested in reading my introduction to the http://www.graveyardrabbit/ group you can at this link.

Well time to hop over to a cemetery in Galveston Texas.

Thanks for stopping by. Grace

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Galveston Texas Episcopal Cemetery Remembering Sterling Blackwell

I am back at the Episcopal Cemetery in Galveston Texas. Today I am featuring this beautiful gravestone and honoring
Sterling Blackwell
born Feb 14 1843
died Aug 27 1870
I found Sterling in the 1870 Census in Brazonia county at . Value of Real Estate was $30,000 and personal property was $4750.
He was living with Sugar Turner 70 year old male who managed his farm. Also living with them was 2 young men also named Turner.
The census was taken June 19,1870 and Sterling passed away August 27th at the age of 27 years old.
This is all I have found on Sterling Blackwell as of now. I will be adding his information to and hope some family member finds his gravestone for their family research

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Resting In the Episcopal Cemetery in Galveston Texas

Continuing my time in Galveston , today I am memorizing the Hambien family.

We are at the Episcopal Cemetery in Galveston Texas. Buried side by side is husband and wife.

Hallie J Hambien

born Jan 24 1861

died Nov 4 1889

Rest Thou Beside Thy Wife Hennie
Hennie Hambien

There Is No Death
With Hennie we have no dates, but she had to have died before or the same time as Hallie since he is resting next to her. Sad to see that Hallie was only 28 years old when he passed away.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday Galveston Texas Episcopal Cemetery Lizzie

For Tombstone Tuesday I am continuing about my cemetery visit to Galveston, Texas and the Episcopal Cemetery.

All that I have for this gravestone is the name Lizzie. Nothing else. No dates no last name.
In front of the statue of this lady holding a baby is a small stone that says Lizzie. Head on baby is cracked.

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Whole New Cemetery To Search ... Off We Went To Galveston Texas

There must be something strange with people like us " graveyard rabbits". The excitement I felt when I first saw this old Cemetery almost in my back yard. I felt like a child at Christmas.
Hubby and I decided we would take a short trip in our own back yard. We have been in Texas since May and had not been able to go to Galveston Texas. We have visited Galveston at least twice over the last 10 years and love it there.

Off we went for a day trip this last Saturday. Our plan was to search for treasures to sell on the Internet, stop for lunch and to see the Gulf Of Mexico. Of course I could not go to Galveston with out searching for a Cemetery. Boy did I find a Cemetery. This piece of land has something like 5 to 6 Cemeteries all together but sectioned off. I will have to do more research in the near future as I take pictures there. For this visit I was able to take 10 different stones. Sweet hubby forgot to bring a book to read.

This is the first of many postings.This post is honoring.

Rebecca Henneberg

born May 5, 1823

died May 6 1885

Grave stone says " In The Memory of My Beloved Mother "

I told my hubby we need to take a day trip to Galveston at least once a month, we can hunt for treasures, go out to lunch and of course make a quick stop at the cemetery.

On the way out of town, we went a different road and what did I spot .. two more old cemeteries.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sacred Memory of Their Daughter Artie Coalson Richmond Texas

While visiting Morton Cemetery this week in Richmond Texas I came across this beautiful gravestone.

Sacred Memory To The Memory Of Our Beloved Daughter
Artie J Coalson
born March 24 1884
died Dec 23 1896
These lovely old gravestones are hard to read after all these years.
Written is something about being beautiful, lovely and ends with blossom in heaven
Gone our darling but not forgotten

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wordless Wednesday Bohannon of Richmond Texas


Born Feb 29 1832

Died April 19 1897
Thy Trials Ended Thy Rest Is Won

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday Ebell Family

For Tombstone Tuesday at Morton Cemetery in Richmond Texas I am sharing and remembering the Ebell family.

This beautiful old gravestone is outstanding.

Buried here is

Annie V Ebell
Oct 28 1883
Dec 21 1903

John Ebell
April 18 1829
Mar 16 1894
What is written at the bottom of the gravestone is very hard to read.
appears to read
Just as the morning of her life was opening into ?
Her young and lovely sparkle from earth and grief away ?
I went to and did not find any information on this family.
Interesting note is John was 54 years old when Annie was born.

Monday, October 12, 2009

T W Jones and Family Morton Cemetery Richmond Texas

In the Morton Cemetery in Richmond Texas is this beautiful old gravestone. The top piece is broken and laying on top.

Very hard to read but I think it is

T R & Nantile B Jones
born & died
October 6 1890

Next to it is another gravestone

T W Jones
born June 9 1850
died Aug 28 1895
Mrs Nanie B Jones
wife of T W Jones
born Sept 26 1860
died Dec 24 1911

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday Woodrow Wilson Bevers Brave Soldier

Today with pride I share the grave stone of a brave soldier. Woodrow Wilson Bevers the owner of a purple heart.

Woodrow was born May 16 1917 and died August 23 1992. He is buried next to his wife Mildred Walker Beavers. She was born April 26 1918 and died May 8 1994.

They are buried in the Orchard Cemetery outside of Orchard Texas and not far from Houston Texas.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tonight We Remember the Farmer Family of Richmond Texas

One of the main reasons I became a Graveyard Rabbit and started this blog is I love to visit Cemeteries and that I hope someone looking for their ancestor's gravestone will come across my addition and they will say " Oh My ".

That is how I feel every time I find one of my ancestor's gravestones. It does not matter if I have found it myself by visiting the cemetery or coming across it on the Internet through http://www.findagrave/ I still say " Oh My"

Tonight I am sharing the Farmer family of Richmond Texas. There are other Farmer's gravestones in this cemetery that I will have to visit.

In the Morton Cemetery buried together are

Henry R Farmer

born March 4 1855

died Nov 22 1931

Maria Armstrong

born July 28 1861

died Oct 10 1926

Fannie Henry

born Dec 24 1900

died April 2 1905


born Sept 13 1893

died Aug 20 1900

Emma Clyde

born July 26 1895

died Aug 6 1900

Charlie Shaw

born Nov 20 1897

died Aug 8 1899

Tonight I hope that you have enjoyed looking at my addition to this blog and what will be an addition to http://www.findagrave/.
Thanks for stopping by... Grace