Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Graveyard Rabbits Wanderings in Texas

I had a request to take pictures in a small cemetery in Wallis Texas. Promising hubby lunch after off, we drive to Wallis. This would only be about 26 miles away. Wallis is out in the country, nothing but land and cows and of course road construction. Finally before I knew it we came to a road called Cemetery Road. Over the rail road tracks, pass some yards with trailers and old tires and we soon come to a small country cemetery among the trees.

I had a request to find 17 graves, some were thought to maybe be in what would of been called the black section of the cemetery. Sadly I found none of these names. It is a small cemetery and after walking among the gravestones 4 times I knew they are not there. I contacted the requester and suggested searching for another cemetery in the area.

I was able to find the others.

They were at the back of the cemetery and all together. So with camera in hand I was able to full fill someone's wish. Even finding family they did not have names for.

So tonight we are remembering the Parr family. All buried near each other in this quiet country cemetery in Wallis Texas. And hoping some day to find the graves of another family and making more wishes coming true.

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  1. Very cool,what you do, volunteering to photograph tombstones. I do a little of it, but not nearly as much as would be nice. Enjoyed my 'walk through the cemetery' with you!