Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tonight We Remember the Farmer Family of Richmond Texas

One of the main reasons I became a Graveyard Rabbit and started this blog is I love to visit Cemeteries and that I hope someone looking for their ancestor's gravestone will come across my addition and they will say " Oh My ".

That is how I feel every time I find one of my ancestor's gravestones. It does not matter if I have found it myself by visiting the cemetery or coming across it on the Internet through http://www.findagrave/ I still say " Oh My"

Tonight I am sharing the Farmer family of Richmond Texas. There are other Farmer's gravestones in this cemetery that I will have to visit.

In the Morton Cemetery buried together are

Henry R Farmer

born March 4 1855

died Nov 22 1931

Maria Armstrong

born July 28 1861

died Oct 10 1926

Fannie Henry

born Dec 24 1900

died April 2 1905


born Sept 13 1893

died Aug 20 1900

Emma Clyde

born July 26 1895

died Aug 6 1900

Charlie Shaw

born Nov 20 1897

died Aug 8 1899

Tonight I hope that you have enjoyed looking at my addition to this blog and what will be an addition to http://www.findagrave/.
Thanks for stopping by... Grace

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