Thursday, August 6, 2009

Taking pictures in El Campo Texas at Oak lawn Cemetary

A while back we had a request to take a picture of a gravestone at the Oak lawn Cemetery in El Campo,Texas from . It was a good hour away and finding the cemetery was an adventure. The website address happened to be the home address of the caretaker of this small country cemetery. We asked several people where it was and finally after calling this lady got directions to the Oaklawn Cemetery.

It is a small Cemetery but the day was hot and I could only stay and take a few pictures. We will have to take another trip some day to this little cemetery in the country. Read my earlier post for more of our trip Taking pictures in El Campo Texas at Oak lawn Cemetery

These are the other gravestones from that trip to Oak lawn Cemetery

Lula Frances Sager born August 01 1905 died August 20 1986 .

Luella B Casey born January 15 1925 died November 20 1971

Walter L Jr Maples born 1927 died 2003 and Nora Mae Maples born 1928 died 1972

Hazel Sue Maples ( Tootie) born August 25 1953 died February 9 1999

Daughter Sister Mother

Thomas Walter Jr Ely born May 22 1900 died September 4 1964 and
Maurine Pyburn Ely born July 23 1903 died October 13 1992

Ejler Peter Hermansen born May 13 1912 died September 17 1965 and
Minnie Esther Hermansen born September 24 1916 died January 6 1994

Sigurd R Hermansen born January 9 1914 died October 9 2001 and
Dorothy A Hermansen born September 19 1916 died June 8 2001

and from Wordless Wednesday at Oak lawn Cemetery Harold and Eda Hermansen

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