Thursday, August 13, 2009

Morton Cemetery Richmond Texas Hampil and Charlton Family

While wandering through Morton Cemetery I came across the Hampil and Charlton
family grave site
Joe B Charlton born 1898 died 1965
Terese Hampil Charlton born October 15, 1898 died November 18, 1990

Betty Lee Hampil born March 28,1896 died June 2, 1986

Clarence C Hampil M.D. born 1867 died 1947
Cora Lee Hampil 1876 1949
Ruby Louise Hampil born 1900 died 1951

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  1. What two wonderful ladies Betty Lee and her (Jackie?) sister were! My mother was their nurse/care taker. I was very young, and my mother used to take me with her to see them, especially Betty Lee when I was around 6 or 7. They treated me like their granddaughter. I will alway cherish my long conversations with Betty Lee about life, her virology/microbiology career, and how happy she was just to have company!