Monday, February 22, 2010

Galveston Texas Remembering Francis Lightfoot Lee and Katie Bartlett

If you ever get the chance to visit Galveston Texas you will find the most wonderful cemetery there. It is really about 6 different cemeteries in this several block area . One right next to the other.

I have only been able to go there twice and have so much to see and take pictures of.
Today is another of the gravestones in the Episcopal Cemetery.

Today I am featuring Francis Lightfoot Lee who died June 9th 1914 at the age of 63.

On the side of his gravestone we have the gravestone of Katie Lee Bartlett Died August 6 1921 age 80 years old

There is so much to see here and I hope to make it to Galvestone several times over the next year to take pictures and post them here and at .

Thanks For stopping by .. Hope that you visit again .. Grace

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