Thursday, March 17, 2011


Spring is in the air.. for some that means they can start planning their gardens. Before you know the little league baseball teams will start their practice. I love to see the kids playing as I drive by a neighborhood field.

This picture was taken at one of our local cemetery this fall.

And for us here in Duluth that means the shipping seasons starts today. Traffic will stop as the bridge goes up to let the big boats enter or leave the port..

But to me a wandering graveyard rabbit it means the snow will start to melt in the local cemeteries. I can start to full fill the requests in the area and most of all I can go to one of our local cemeteries to visit my family and to work on getting this cemetery on It is huge so is a big under taking but will work on this as time allows.

This is the Duluth Aeriel bridge. At this time we cross it every time we want to go anywhere. But the beauty of Lake Superior is worth it.

Sorry I have been gone so long from posting but we have moved to northern Minnesota and have been buried by snow.

Here is a old section of the cemetery. This is where I have to pretend I am a Billy Goat to take pictures.

See you soon with new grave yard postings.. Grace

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