Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday In Duluth Minnesota Finding Charles Peterson's Grave

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday at Forest Hill in Duluth Minnesota is featuring my quest to find Charles Peterson.
I had a request to find a Charles Peterson through . I know other attempts had been made and messages of no luck had been posted on the request page for the cemetery.

As I am wandering looking for this Peterson I kept looking at this tombstone.
Buried here is Edith I 1896 - 1956 and Burleigh Peterson 1893 - 1995. Wrong name, I then wandered further away knowing he has to be some where here. I turn round and head back towards this tombstone and written on the bottom is my Charles Peterson 1863 - 1942. There he is just waiting for some one to notice this small inscription written at the bottom on the other side. Burleigh was the son of Charles.

This is something you see in the old tombstones, but I was not expecting it on one of this age.
Mission accomplished and a great grandson can see his great grandfather's name and knows where to find him.
Soon the snow will fall and no more graveyard hunting here in Minnesota until Spring..

Thanks for stopping by and viewing the post of this wandering graveyard rabbit...Grace

Friday, November 12, 2010

Find A Grave For Fish Family At Forest Hill Cemetery Duluth Minnesota

I am a volunteer for . There have been a few requests for pictures of graves at Forest Hill Cemetery in Duluth Minnesota. This is a big cemetery and I have never driven through it until yesterday. It was a cool windy day. Winter will be here soon, maybe as soon as Saturday. I felt it was time to find some of the requested graves.

I stopped in at the office to see if I could get a map of the cemetery and help to find the graves so I could take my pictures . I had 10 names on my list. Not many names but they are from one end to the other end of the cemetery, and not easy to find even when you find the section you want. Hubby and I spent over an hour and a half searching.

I was able to take pictures of 5 from the list plus there were family members buried near by . I added those graves to the list.

Today I am featuring the Fish Family

This is the tombstone of Elizabeth Fish born 1844 died 1916.

She is buried on the side of a steep hill. I felt like a mountain goat. The goat picture is from the National Geographic page.

I also found the grave of a J Frances 1875 1888 buried near her.

When I went to post the picture of J Frances this is what I found written on his memorial page.

Killed while jumping from a passenger train near the west end of Duluth, Minnesota. James Francis Fish was the son of Elizabeth McMahon Fish and Francis A. Fish.

How sad that he died so young, he was a 13 year old boy probably out for an day of adventure.

Hope that you have enjoyed your time at my "wandering rabbit" ( or mountain goat) page.. please take a moment and read about some of my other trips to a cemetery and I hope you stop back again soon.. Grace

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday Duluth Minnesota Arthur Aaronson

For Tombstone Tuesday I am featuring the gravestone of Arthur Aaronson. He is buried in Forest Hill Cemetery.

Arthur Aaronson
Pvt 353 INF 89 Div
February 11, 1896
November 3 1938

The grass is covering the death date so not sure what it is exactly. I will have to make a drive to the cemetery to get the exact date so I can post on

Rest in peace Arthur
Thanks for stopping by... Grace

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday Visits Duluth Minnesota Cemetery

Wordless Wednesday (Almost) posting I am
once again visiting
Forest Hill Cemetery in Duluth Minnesota
Here buried is
Raymond Severson 1910 - 1938
Only 28 years old when he died, so sad.
I went to and found his death certificate this tells me when he died exactly.
If I was a family member I would order this to get his parents names. There are several Raymond Seversons listed. 1920 census found one listed as 9 years old and living in Duluth. But with out knowing his families names I have no idea if this is really him.

Minnesota Death Index, 1908-2002 about Raymond Severson
Raymond Severson
Death Date:
9 Feb 1938
Death County:
Saint Louis
State File Number:
Certificate Number:
Certificate Year:
Record Number:
So much research can be found on the Internet. That information can be a good start at finding our ancestors.
I have added his name to at Forest Hill Cemetery.
Hopefully family members searching for him will some day find my picture of his gravestone.
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