Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday In Duluth Minnesota Finding Charles Peterson's Grave

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday at Forest Hill in Duluth Minnesota is featuring my quest to find Charles Peterson.
I had a request to find a Charles Peterson through . I know other attempts had been made and messages of no luck had been posted on the request page for the cemetery.

As I am wandering looking for this Peterson I kept looking at this tombstone.
Buried here is Edith I 1896 - 1956 and Burleigh Peterson 1893 - 1995. Wrong name, I then wandered further away knowing he has to be some where here. I turn round and head back towards this tombstone and written on the bottom is my Charles Peterson 1863 - 1942. There he is just waiting for some one to notice this small inscription written at the bottom on the other side. Burleigh was the son of Charles.

This is something you see in the old tombstones, but I was not expecting it on one of this age.
Mission accomplished and a great grandson can see his great grandfather's name and knows where to find him.
Soon the snow will fall and no more graveyard hunting here in Minnesota until Spring..

Thanks for stopping by and viewing the post of this wandering graveyard rabbit...Grace

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  1. Hi Grace, I enjoyed this post. My sister and I are ghosts in the graveyards, taking after our dad. He would drag us with him when we were younger. Little did we know we be just like him!

    I've awarded you the Ancestor Approved Award! Go here

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    Joy B