Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tourist steps into history at hallowed Boston cemetery

Boston ....
This is one of the most fantastic cemeteries in the US. History lays here. I could of spent hours just wandering through out it. I wanted to see what I could find about it today so went to and put Boston Cemetery in search. I came across this article dated February 11, 2009 and listed as " Tourist steps into history at hallowed Boston cemetery ". You can read the whole story at

Imagine wandering through this cemetery taking pictures and all of a sudden you fall into an underground area.
" The ground gave way, and the woman fell hip-deep into a hidden granite stairwell leading down into an unmarked brick crypt. " Luckily she was unhurt.
I would still be having nightmares.
Some where in this cities old cemeteries I have a distant grandmother buried. I would love to find where she is buried but I do not want to drop in and visit.
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