Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Just Received the Ancestor Approved Award

I'm the happy recipient of the "Ancestor Approved Award" thanks to
I appreciate this very much I will now have to pass this one very soon.
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Here rests Mrs. Anne Norris of Needville Texas

While wandering around Routte Point Cemetery outside of Needville, Texas a couple of weeks ago I came across the grave of Mrs. Anne Norris.

I am not sure if a monument company decorated this stone or if family members wanted it to be different from the others.

Here lies

Mrs Anne Norris

born Nov 6 1890

died March 28 1980

This is small old cemetery. The stones may be small and some are even home made, but there are two men busy carrying for it. If you ever stop by bring your camera and watch out for the RATTLESNAKES

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wandering Graveyard Rabbit Finds Routt Point Cemetery in Texas

Recently I asked hubby if he wanted to go for a ride into the country side outside of Richmond which is outside of Houston, Texas. He grabs his book as I grab my camera. I was on the errand to find Snake Creek Cemetery of Needville Texas. I had requests for pictures of graves from

Along with my camera I have map quest directions. On the road to Snake Creek Cemetery we come across this old sad cemetery. In the middle of the country side is Routt Point Cemetery. I spotted two guys working on a tractor so we pulled over to ask if we were on the right road to Snake Creek Cemetery . They had never heard of the cemetery I was looking for. The only other old cemetery on the road they told me had not been taken care of for over 20 years and they encourage me to not visit... Rattlesnakes....

Well since I am a good old graveyard rabbit, I do what comes naturally. I pulls out my camera and takes pictures of what is in front of me.

This is Routte Point Cemetery outside of Needville, Texas. It is small and an old poor cemetery. The stones are small and some are even home made. But it is being taken care of and for that I am happy. Camera in hand and watching out for RATTLESNAKES .. grass is cut thank God.

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